Investing in Climate Change Resiliency with Oregon's Farmers and Ranchers

OrCAN’s work on agricultural solutions to climate change is grounded in resiliency. Our work is about targeting on-farm solutions that store more carbon in the soil, reduce emissions, and work for a farmer’s bottom-line. In collaboration with farmers our goal is to build a regenerative agricultural economy for Oregon that can thrive through disruptions big and small.


The current public health and economic crisis is a devastating wake-up call that the fight against climate change cannot be put off. 

The time is right

The understanding of the critical role our farms and ranches can provide in addressing climate change is gaining momentum. From the latest in climate science, to the cascade of state-wide healthy soils policies throughout the US, to the increase in consumer demand, and the work of innovative farmers, it is clear that we need agricultural soil carbon sequestration practices to cool our planet. Without the hard work of farmers on the land, we cannot avoid the worst of impacts of a changing climate. We must begin to invest in resiliency of our soils.

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