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Train the Trainer

Train the trainer

October 2022 Climate Resilience Training for Oregon Ag Professionals

Workshop Wednesdays: Expand Your Toolbox for Oregon Growers

The 2022 workshop series has concluded.



  1. An interactive training for Oregon agricultural professionals to advance their knowledge of farm-based solutions for climate resilience. These solutions reduce risks from extreme weather events, store more carbon in the soil,  and work for a farmer’s bottom-line. 

  2. Create a community of practice dedicated to supporting, improving, and better understanding farming and ranching for climate resilience in Oregon.



Our primary audience for these workshops are agricultural technical service providers, farm advisors, and researchers throughout Oregon. For example: OSU Extension, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Oregon Natural Resource Conservation Service, Watershed Councils, Land Trusts, researchers, non-profits, and agricultural education providers.


Each session included PNW focused speakers and small break out working groups organized by region (there were statewide workgroups as well). We focused more on these workgroups this year as a result of positive feedback from last year. They help us build out the regionally relevant tools,  information, and community we need to become more resilient. 


We're excited to offer these trainings again in 2023! 

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2022 Workshop Topics

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Session 1 (October 5th)

Foundations for Climate Resilience Planning on Farms & Ranches in Oregon 
What does science tell us about the climate impacts on Oregon? How do producers make decisions about resilience? And, how can we manage risk with soil conservation practices?

Speakers include: Erica Fleishman (Oregon Climate Change Research Institute), Hannah Gosnell (Oregon State University), and Cory Owens (Oregon Natural Resources Conservation Service). 

Session 2 (October 12th)

How do we talk about climate resilience with producers?
Perspectives on effective communication with producers about resilience and conservation practices in the face of climate impacts. Panel discussion with:  Abigail Tomasek (OSU Extension) Maud Powell (OSU Extension), Shannon Cappellazzi (GO Seeds), and Taylor Larson (OWEB). 

Session 3 (October 19th)

Real World Examples: Identifying and Implementing Adaptation and Resilience Actions 

Dig into resilience planning through the lens of case studies on farming for drought resilience. Speakers include: Stefanie Krantz and Eric Walsh on The Nez Perce Tribe and Planning for a Climate Smart Agriculture Future; Larry Martin - Martin Family Farms; Maud Powell and Katie Swanson on No/low-till practices as a Water Conservation Tool East of the Cascades; Pryor Garnett on Garnetts Red Prairie Farms. 

Session 4 (October 26th)

Policy and Market Drivers for Climate Resilience 

Topics will include: Updates on Oregon Policy, Federal Funding and Ecosystem Markets. Speakers include: Megan Kemple (Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network), Erin Kaczmarczyk (OR NRCS), Dallas Hall Defrees and Kelley Delpit (Sustainable Northwest). 

Supported by:

Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Oregon Professional Development Program (WSARE PDP)

Planning Committee:

Amy Garrett - OSU Extension/Dry Farming Collaborative, Shayan Ghajar - OSU Extension Organic Pasture and Forages, Hannah Gosnell - OSU, Gordon Jones - OSU Extension S. Oregon, Jessi Kershner - OWEB, Lisa Kilders - Clackamas SWCD,  Heather Medina Sauceda - OR NRCS, Katherine Minthorne - NW Intertribal Ag Council,  Meghan Montgomery - Jackson SWCD, Cory Owens - OR NRCS, Maud Powell - OSU Extension S. Oregon. 

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