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Ranchers on Resilience

"Managed Grazing" has the potential to mitigate climate change but why do ranchers do it?

Climate change mitigation as a co-benefit of regenerative ranching: Insights from Australia and the western United States is a great resource! Check out the report for summaries of the best research on grazing management and soil carbon sequestration. Stay for the great rancher quotes that can help us all, whether you're a rancher, a policy advocate, or an NRCS staffer, we'd better understand what it takes to shift to best practices for climate resilience.

Authored by Oregon's own: Hannah Gosnell and Susan Charnley as well as rangeland agroecology expert Paige Stanley. In the report they interviewed 8 ranchers from eastern Oregon and 23 who participated in the failed carbon market that was the Chicago Climate Exchange (R.I.P. 2010). From these discussions, the authors concluded that a holistic approach is appealing to ranchers because it has ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits. In this equation, climate mitigation is the co-benefit.

Photo by Will Wright on Unsplash



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