As we build out OrCAN's programs in 2020, we know one thing for sure:  the scale and scope of mitigating climate change while creating a resilient farm economy, requires a multi-disciplinary, inclusive approach.
This approach includes: 

Building a Network 

Several organizations, agencies, researchers, farm service providers, and producers throughout the state that are interested in agricultural solutions to climate change. But to date, the work on increasing climate friendly agriculture in Oregon has been disparate and disconnected. To achieve our goal of implementation of climate friendly agriculture at scale, OrCAN is uniquely poised to build a diverse network, inclusive of all Oregon’s producers, that will be able to influence policy, research, and implementation so they work better together. 

Farmer-to-Farmer Education 

Climate-friendly agriculture looks different depending on what crops a farmer is growing, at what scale, and which markets they are selling to. We know there are Oregon farmers that are already doing the work of implementing climate friendly agricultural practices on their land today. And we recognize that the best pathway to catalyze change on farms is for farmers to hear from other farmers, whom they trust and can relate to. We’ll identify agriculture stakeholders/producers in each region of the state, representing a variety of farm sizes and types, who can provide farmer-to-farmer education, sharing best practices with their peers. 



Climate Strong, Farmer Driven Advocacy

OrCAN will advocate for strong climate change mitigation on Oregon’s farms and ranches through the state-wide directives set in motion by Governor Brown’s Climate Action Plan. The Plan is unprecedented in its scope and scale—it mandates action by state agencies on climate change and will intersect with agriculture in several ways. OrCAN will be focused on the Global Warming Commission’s mandate to propose state goals for climate change mitigation on Oregon’s natural and working lands. In collaboration with our agricultural stakeholders, OrCAN will provide input to ensure that the state goals are strong on climate mitigation, practical for farmers and support a resilient food economy. 


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