Strong Climate Policy to Benefit Oregon Agriculture

OrCAN is engaging with agriculture stakeholders on policy development and advocacy for Oregon’s proposed Cap and Invest Policy, also known as the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, which is expected to be reintroduced in the 2020 Legislative Session.


The policy would put a limit and price on climate pollution from the state’s largest emitters in the state. 

Agriculture stakeholders can benefit directly from the program. Revenue would fund projects and activities that reduce and sequester greenhouse gas emissions including agricultural practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or promote carbon sequestration, healthy soil practices, irrigation efficiency projects, and methane emissions reduction and/ or recovery projects.  At least 20% of investments would be directed to natural and working lands.  Here's an overview of Opportunities for Agriculture in the Clean Energy Jobs Bill

Agriculture stakeholders (farms and organizations) can show their support by signing onto this letter from the agriculture community urging the legislature to take action in 2019.  Over 220 farms and other agricultural stakeholders have already signed on! Sign on using this simple form

For more information or to get involved contact Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network at info(at) or visit

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