Strong Climate Policy to Benefit Oregon Agriculture

OrCAN is engaging with agriculture stakeholders on policy development and advocacy for strong climate legislation that includes our farms and ranches as part of the solution.  


OrCAN is interested in policies that both create voluntary incentives for Oregon agriculture and create farmer and rancher driven programs. Creating grant programs to incentivize climate-friendly agricultural practices are necessary for Oregon as we look to ensuring a thriving agricultural economy into the future. These climate friendly practices include reduced tillage, cover cropping and composting, hedgerow and riparian plantings, alternative manure management, as well as pasture and range management, irrigation modernization projects, on-site renewable energy and farmland conservation. The input of interested farmers, farmworkers, and other agriculture stakeholders will be essential as any policies or programs are developed for climate resiliency. They can help create solutions that fit to support farmers and ranchers, as Oregon transitions to a clean energy economy.

State-Wide Climate Policy 

In an unprecedented conclusion to the legislative session ending in June 2019, the legislature failed to take effective action on climate change - but we’re not giving up the fight. Climate policy will be reintroduced in February 2020 during the short legislative session. Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network’s highest priority right now is engaging the agriculture community in advocating for that policy.  


We will activate farms and organizations to show support through a variety of pathways: sharing information with neighbors and community members, contacting their legislators, and attending a farmer lobby day in February.

For Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network, a successful policy must include the following: 

  • A Limit on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Oregon 

  • Voluntary Incentives for Climate-Friendly Agricultural Practices 

  • Investments in Farmworker Health and Safety

Read more about opportunities for agriculture in the 2020 legislative session.


Over 250 agriculture stakeholders have signed on to this letter in support of strong climate policy! You can sign on using this simple form

Check out our January 2020 Press Release here

For more information or to get involved contact Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network at megan(at) 

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