About Us


OrCAN’s mission is to promote wide-spread adoption of agricultural practices that mitigate climate change, as well as state and federal policies to incentivize these practices.


OrCAN supports wide-spread adoption of agricultural practices relevant to Oregon producers that effectively increase carbon sequestered in the soil and mitigate climate change such as: reduced tillage, cover cropping, composting, pasture and range management.   

We provide education about these climate-friendly agriculture practices and advocate for state and federal policies that incentivize them.

OrCAN is a member of the Oregon Community Food Systems Network and the National Healthy Soils Policy Network.

Why Climate-friendly Agriculture?

Farmers and ranchers, as some of our most important land stewards, have an important role to play in any solution to climate change. Our farmers and ranchers are also on the front lines of dealing with the impacts of climate change, including unpredictable weather patterns and increased impacts from wildfires, climate-friendly agriculture can ensure our farmers are more resilient to climate change. 


At the core of climate-friendly agriculture is the practice of improving soil health. Healthy soils both store more carbon from the atmosphere in the soil and create soils more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Climate-friendly agriculture is essential to a building a future for our food system. 

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